Why attend

The Summit gathers municipal IoT stakeholders, Federal and State policy advocates, as well as academic and industry thought leaders to address Smart Cities and Transportation strategy, deployment, operation, funding and success. The one-day summit will be held at the University of Texas at Dallas campus in Richardson, TX, a Tier 1 research institution and incubator for technology innovation on September 19, 2018.

Featured Speakers

Innovative, Focused Audience Event

Municipal decision-makers are used to having new technologies disrupt their cities with the promise of increased efficiency and productivity for citizens. Smart cars and roads, smart irrigation, traffic flow and safety systems, enhanced municipal services like trash and parking, enabled capabilities for first responders and intelligent lighting are the promise of the Internet of Things (IoT) for cities and their citizens.

  • How big is IoT for Smart Cities and Transportation?
  • What is the overall opportunity?
  • How do I take advantage of these opportunities and better our community?

Estimates suggest the answers to the first two questions are: (1) 30+ BILLION objects, and (2) $1+ TRILLION by 2025 with cities being major consumers. The third question is easier to answer, yet complex and hard to define, as there are many subsections:

  • Better understand in real time condition of infrastructure, quality of operations and opportunities for targeting limited resources on improvements.
  • What, when, how, why and where do we connect things?
  • What do we do with all of the data that we generate after connection?
  • How will these connections impact the rest of the municipal infrastructure?
  • How can IoT help us manage our community better?
  • How do I get started?

Value for Government Decision-Makers

There are communities around Texas already seeing the benefits of loT for their citizens. The North Texas Smart Cities Summit will help Public Officials start or accelerate their loT blueprint plans. The Summit agenda will incorporate Federal and State Regulatory Officials, IT vendors, Academic Researchers and Leading IT Technology Firms that all have a stake in the future of Smart Cities.

As an attendee, you will engage with:

  • Peers who are working on Smart City and Transportation opportunities
  • State and Federal agencies that will offer guidance and best practices in starting and funding projects
  • Case studies and breakout sessions that will drive next level ideas for you and your communities
  • Introductions to solution providers that will Tabletop conversation and networking areas to discuss and show solution value
  • Conversations with leading Universities discussing the impact of Smart Cities
  • Leading business in the field

Summit pricing for Government, Academic, Association and Public Attendees

Attendee Type By August 1 By September 7 General Registration
NCTCOG Member /
Qualified Municipal Entity
$99 $129 $159
Professional Association / Organization Member (i.e., Tech Titans, Dallas Regional Chamber, etc.) $129 $179 $229
 Academic Institution $99 $129 $159
General Public $159 $199 $249

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